Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Old Globe

Same shows are still up except The First Wives Club has ended. Did not see it btw.

La Jolla Playhouse update.

La Jolla PLayhouse is going to play Hoover Comes Alive. There are $5 tickets sitting on cushions near the stage! Go see it. Their advertisements say its a rock concert using Elvis's music!

La Jolla is currently playing The 39 Steps! Which is on broadway as well. Closing on September 13! See it before it closes.


Spamalot is coming to town next week!!! Woo hoo! Going to see it!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bad news good news

I was not able to see the show Herringbone last night! Sad. But I'm not sure I might like it. Sure B.D. Wond is a Tony award winning person but it is a one man show. I thought the show was based on him with other cast members.

First wives club opened up some more 20 under 30 tickets again. I was hoping to watch the show since it opened but I keep hearing some reviews that it is not that well played. I guess I might see it once but not sure at all.

This coming saturday: There is a possibility that I will see The 39 steps. Is it worth watching?????

Annie is playing at the Starlight theatre in Balboa. Might catch that. Never watched it before but people love the music a lot. Plus, the theatre is outside which is cool and tickets start at 10 bucks. Hope its full house though when I see it.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Nothing really new on broadway! Anyone have news to share???????????

Wicked is still being a huge hit in San Diego!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Annie & Rent

Go to Balboa Park! Annie is playing at the Starlight theatre! Cool theatre because there is no roof so your under the stars! I have not seen Annie yet so I hope they can impress me!

Go to Horton Plaza to see Rent school edition! Must see Rent because its the last tour that past San Diego already and closed on Broadway. The only difference between the show is that they took some of the bad language out and the song Contact. Several of the performers in the show are National Award winners so go see them because they might blow you away! Lyceum Theatre. Once again, google it.

Spiderman and Adams Family

Do you think these two shows will go great on broadway? Tell me what you want expected!