Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bad news good news

I was not able to see the show Herringbone last night! Sad. But I'm not sure I might like it. Sure B.D. Wond is a Tony award winning person but it is a one man show. I thought the show was based on him with other cast members.

First wives club opened up some more 20 under 30 tickets again. I was hoping to watch the show since it opened but I keep hearing some reviews that it is not that well played. I guess I might see it once but not sure at all.

This coming saturday: There is a possibility that I will see The 39 steps. Is it worth watching?????

Annie is playing at the Starlight theatre in Balboa. Might catch that. Never watched it before but people love the music a lot. Plus, the theatre is outside which is cool and tickets start at 10 bucks. Hope its full house though when I see it.

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