Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Phantom of the Opera

Who hasent seen the Phantom of the Opera if your a fan of broadway? Love the music ofcouse especially the theme song!!!!!!! The first time I saw it, the beginning made me jump a little in my seat since the chandelier popped when a little smoke came about. In the end, dont you think it was sad that the Phantom just loved her but couldnt have her???? I felt bad for him. I heard that there are two different endings to this show but I dont know if its even true. When I watched it, he disappeared. I heard the other ending was the Phantom killed himself. May have to do research on that. Little tip if you want to see the play, if you sit on the balcony, you cant see some of the parts because they are walking on something that is covered by the top curtains on stage!

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